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Q. How do I open all my competency forms at the same time? I’ve opened the first form but the website prevents me from opening others until I add text into each text box. I’m not ready to do this yet. Do I have to complete each form before I can open another?

The website needs to know that some text has been entered in each text box before you can open more forms. So, you could type something like ‘to be added’ or several random letters if preferred in each textbox. The programme website will then recognise that you have entered text and you will then be able to open the next form by selecting next. It’s a good idea to type in the name of the competency and the level you are demonstrating into each form. That way when you scroll through them, you know which competency you are working on.

Q. I’m currently drafting content for two of my competency submission forms. I want to keep the content focussed on meeting the level descriptions (Level 3 with these two forms) within the word count. Do you have any advice?

You will need to be concise, but to ensure the best chance of a successful assessment, make sure the content you write clearly demonstrates how you meet the level descriptions. For advice please refer to the programme guide (section 4.3 page 12).

Q. I’m planning the content for one of my competency forms. The experience I gained was nearly 5 years ago with another employer. Can I still use this experience?

Yes. You can use experience gained over a 10 year period.

Q. I graduated from an ARA accredited Masters two years ago. I’d like to enrol onto the Registered programme, but I note you recommend a minimum of three years experience?

Members with an ARA accredited qualification are eligible to enrol onto the Registered programme as soon as they graduate.

We know from member feedback that many think it is better to qualify as a Registered Member sooner than later. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to find the time. The three year experience period you refer to is only a recommendation, and only applies to the amount of experience before submitting your application for assessment.

Q. I gained Registered Membership 6 years ago. Do I need to re-enrol and go through the process again?

No. If you are Registered Member then you remain a Registered Member. All that has changed is the route to qualify, which is now competency-based.

To maintain your Registered status you must take part in the ARA’s CPD Review. You can take part at a time that suits you, or wait until we contact you. For more information visit the programme website.

Q. I’m planning the content for one of my competency forms. The experience I gained was with another employer. I’m not sure that there is anyone appropriate who can validate the supporting documentation. Can I still use it?

This is an issue best discussed with your mentor, who will give you an objective opinion on the strength of your application. To ensure you have the best chance of success you need to consider how well you demonstrate meeting your chosen competencies at the required levels. If you cannot find a previous manager or colleague to validate supporting documentation, then this may impact on the assessors’ decision. You should therefore explain in your competency form why the supporting documentation was not validated.


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